Spread Love Like Violence

Love is something very valuable in my life, and violence is something that never go out of my life. And violence is brutal, so I'll spread love like the brutality of the violence that is always there in my life. If the brutality of the violence will be making the destruction but the brutality of love will yield the peace that has no equal in this world. That in my opinion. So...  "Spread Love Like Violence".
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Maybe you have forgotten me, maybe you have removed all of our memories.
But I will never erase our memories. I'll keep it, if you do not want us to keep it together.
This day I still remember it clearly, what we have done previously. and "ndhaoned" that will forever in my heart eternally.
Now, I can only see you from afar, and without you know I still always watching you.  
I've proved that I still have not been able to find your place, because you still always have my heart.
I miss you
I miss the good memories with you. and I always remember our past, pain or happiness.
I love you.

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