Spread Love Like Violence

This story began 11 years ago, nearly 12 years. When I was studying in junior high school. I could only see her from afar, I am afraid to talk to her. She is like magic, I cannot concentrate while in class. Just wanted to see her face. Over time, I ventured to write a letter to her. But, I did not give it, I had thrown it into the roof of the toilet, and found by my friends, and they started teasing me, but she did not believe that was I who wrote the letter for her.
Until after graduation, our school is different, but when the senior high school, we became good friends. But the feeling of love is still there. But I could not expresses, 'cause I was afraid to damage the friendship.
When I entered college, I met her increasingly rare, almost five years did not meet. Until we meet again, we start with a joke, as before, and on 30 October 2010, we began to close, finally I express feelings that have long existed. Everything changed, I feel what love is, he taught me that all. And only from her I get it. But now, I rarely saw her smile, and I could see she was crying and angry. I'm sorry dear, but privided you know, I'm always behind you, give you the spirit to go through it all. And everything will be fine.
Right now I miss you, I want to meet as soon as possible.